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Contingency Search Professionals

This is a vendor relationship in which our firm is working on commission, as does our contingency recruiter.

This means that there is no one dedicated to, and directly responsible for your need. Contingency needs are in our pool of contingency needs, available to all the commissioned contingency recruiters to work on. The resources cut out for contingency searches are limited due to the high volume of contingency positions we have at any given time.

The average contingency firm has 200+ open requisitions at any given time and fills 5% – 10% of them each month.

Contingency Recruiters


Contingency recruiters will typically work with a large number of job openings, and focus on the openings with the largest pool of candidates or the largest fees.

The contingency recruiter will simply move on to another vacancy or client where they believe they can get a straightforward win. With contingency it is not uncommon to get great communication early, and a couple of candidates quickly. However, if the initial candidates do not pan out, it is not uncommon for the recruiter to go unresponsive, as they have moved on to positions that are easier to fill.