Hospital Jobs and Acute Care

An acute care nurse, sometimes referred to as a critical care nurse, is an advanced practice nurse who specializes in acute care nursing. They deal with human responses to life-threatening events and conditions. They are clinical experts with oversight for evaluating and treating patients in acute situations and assessing any changes in condition.
Job Responsibilities
  • Operate systems for life support.
  • Serve as a patient advocate.
  • Provide intensive therapy and intervention as needed.
  • Perform assessments of conditions.
  • Jobs tend to be multifaceted so working at a fast pace is required.
  • Work face-to-face with patients.
Acute Care and Hospitals - Industry Information
  • Patients are looking for convenience, and even the most loyal are no longer willing to rearrange their schedules to fit a provider’s time.
  • Clinics are also embracing “retailization” thinking. That is, designing waiting rooms and lobby spaces to resemble a spa-like environment. This is done by displaying local art, offering educational materials, and even scenting the air to put patients at ease.
  • Clinics who see the importance of managing this crucial point in the patient experience are carefully selecting the right people for the job.
  • In today’s landscape, urgent cares must think retail by reducing the friction between the patient and what they’re asking them to do, simplify the steps to getting care, and presenting it all in a patient-friendly way.
  • Technology partners are providing a valuable service by helping urgent care clinics access actionable data with real-time dashboards. This provides at-a-glance metrics, accurate reports, and analytics options built to suit urgent care organizations.
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