Locum Tenens For Providers

As a physician or mid-level provider looking for the ability to work when and where you choose, you should consider the following when looking at a Locums Company. At Acuity Health Care we will make sure the following is done for you, each and every time:
  • We screen all of our worksites that match your skills, experience and interest
  • Either cover or help you obtain Medical Malpractice coverage
  • Cover all of your housing, licensing, and travel expenses
  • Help with licensure, credentialing, and securing privileges
  • Make sure your payment is paid every time
Why Locum Tenens With Acuity Healthcare
  • Benefits for Travel— You may not know that a locum’s provider will not get Paid Time Off, we offer schedules that allow you to travel where you desire and work your schedule around vacations. In many cases you can choose assignments where you always wanted to go on vacation. Most of our providers find themselves relaxing and traveling more than you ever did when you they used PTO for a vacation.
  • A solution for the overworked— A locum assignment can allow you to get away from too much administrative work and caseloads that are overwhelming.
  • Choose your schedule— You choose: when, where and how you want to work.
  • Providers are in demand and you know it— The demand for Providers and APP’s has risen so high that YOU are the commodity.
  • Do your job and go home— If you love endless paperwork and administrative duties, LOCUMS is not for you.
  • Choose your destination and let’s go— Again you pick the: Where, When and How often! Call us

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