Being an acute care facility brings its own set of recruiting challenges.
Acuity can help

We know that staffing can help in the short term, but full-time placement is the long term solution to your short term need. Whatever your recruitment needs we can help. Whether you are looking for: Fulltime, Locums, or travel we can help. With one of the largest multispecialty physician groups in the nation and a large pool of nurses in all specialties, we can help, no matter the scope of your need.

At Acuity Healthcare we focus on the customer experience and are performance driven. Our approach is not a “one size fits all” approach. We take the time to work with you to uncover your needs, create a plan and deliver results.

Find staff on assignment in:
  • Trauma Facilities
  • Academic Facilities
  • Critical Access Facilities
  • Community Facilities

The revenue generators in your system are the physicians, physician assistants and your APP’s. Every day without a provider cost you money, but it also cost you the reputation for providing care your patients know! When fully staffed you do not have to divert patients or hold patients longer than you need to. A locum physician can give you the flexibility and revenue you need.

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